FinMango is a global non-profit organization on a mission to promote and advance financial inclusion worldwide—however, we recognize the importance of combating COVID-19 and are actively pivoting towards catering to the needs of researchers leading the fight.



Florida Covid Action

Florida COVID Action LLC is a Florida-based social benefits corporation made of scientists specializing in public health research, data science, and data visualization. Covid Action is committed to data access and transparency during the coronavirus pandemic (and beyond).


Data Contributor

Alisha Morris (Kansas)

Alisha bravely started collecting data about cases in schools through Google Sheets, before turning over the burden of collecting that data to The Covid Monitor. Alisha, a teacher from Kansas, gained national attention for her efforts in helping track COVID-19 through crowd-sourced data, and is a champion for open data access. 


Data Contributors

Dr. Auriel Willette, Sara Willette (Iowa)

IAC Tracker, Inc. is an Iowa-based public health non-profit owned and managed by Sara and Auriel Willette. IAC Tracker aims to provide transparent data and clear public health guidance to families, schools, and communities in Iowa. IAC Tracker has partnered with the Iowa State Education Association to track all school positives and exposures, as a direct result of the State of Iowa refusing to provide such important public health information to families and school staff.


Data Contributors and Data Users

Local News and Media

Working with media organizations who collect and share data is key to our project's success. Here are just a few of the media organizations who have contributed data to our project:

The New York Times, KOSU (Tulsa), WMNF (Tampa), Johns Hopkins University's eSchool Initiative

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The Covid Monitor is actively seeking contributors to our website and data. We pull data in from a lot of different sources, and want to give YOU the credit!

Contact: Plans@TheCovidMonitor.com