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Transparency of COVID-19 Outbreaks within American K-12 Schools

The COVID Monitor -- thecovidmonitor.com -- is actively monitoring, tracking and reporting #COVID19 cases in the United States' 13,000+ school districts.

This revolutionary, real-time data mechanism was made possible by the collaborative efforts of non-profit organization FinMango, and Rebekah Jones, American data scientist from FloridaCOVIDAction.

FinMango is a global non-profit organization on a mission to promote and advance financial inclusion worldwide—however, we recognize the importance of combating COVID-19 and are actively pivoting towards catering to the needs of researchers leading the fight.

Florida COVID Action LLC is a Florida-based social benefits corporation made of scientists specializing in public health research, data science, and data visualization. Founded by Florida scientist and whistle-blower Rebekah Jones, COVID Action is committed to data access and transparency during the coronavirus pandemic (and beyond).

We have made landmark progress in our COVID-19 data project. In our press release, we outlined what this partnership looks like.

  1. FinMango & Florida COVID Action are founding contributors on a ground-breaking joint project, launching the nation’s first COVID-19 dataset focusing on coronavirus cases in every K-12 school district in the U.S.A.

  2. Our two organizations utilize and connect with a wide range of data providers to collect information pertaining to COVID-19, including school opening dates and formats, restrictions and policies regarding masks and distancing, and the number of cases for each district.

  3. Data currently available about COVID-19 cases in schools exists in fragmented pockets across the country with no standardized reporting method in place, making it difficult to locate, synthesize and analyze.

  4. Our initiative ensures that COVID-19 data is accurate, transparent, and published in a single, public platform—an effort that will more effectively inform decision makers as they work to understand and mitigate the effects of COVID-19.

  5. For more information or to volunteer, visit us at finmango.org/covid or floridacovidaction.com.

To find out more information about how FinMango is working diligently to combat this general lack of information transpereny in schools, please visit: finmango.org/covid.

Then comes the question-- why are we driving the initiative to do this? Why couldn't it be more necessary?

As explained on our website, right now, COVID-19 data is inconsistent, not well organized, at times incomplete, and difficult to access making interpretation of data problematic. Consequently, public health authorities, agencies, and companies find it difficult to interpret the data hindering strategic decision-making, and impeding the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are upset by seeing this information not readily available to the public. This data should not be difficult to locate or understand. These are our schools, our families, and our lives at stake. It is, without a doubt, a responsibility for all school districts to make a clear effort in their plans for releasing COVID-19 outbreak data.

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