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Giving thanks to our volunteers

A note from The Covid Monitor's co-founders, Rebekah Jones, Scott Glasgow, Oscar Wahltinez

When our team launched The Covid Monitor in early August, Mississippi was the only state releasing any information about COVID-19 cases in schools.

Once a week, Governor Tate Reeves would list the counties which had reported confirmed-positive cases in schools during a press event. No details or official reports. Just counties reporting cases.

In the three months since, 38 states have begun reporting some level of information about COVID-19 in the K-12 environment, providing case data for 4,822 districts totaling more than 25 million enrolled students.

The Covid Monitor pulls state data where available, and district data where provided. We standardize, analyze and publish all of our data free to the public. Transparency and accessibility are the tenants of the project.

Thanks to the hard work of our team, The Covid Monitor now maintains the most comprehensive data on COVID-19 cases in K-12 schools in the country.

Without our volunteers, our project would not meet the needs of providing this crucial data during these uncertain and often difficult times.

Providing case data for K-12 schools has helped inform the public -- from leaders to families -- so that they might make better, more-informed decisions.

We’ve logged nearly 250,000 student and staff cases in K-12 schools nationwide since we started this project.

Thanks to our team, we now know that schools are not the safe-havens or silos some believed they would be, and do, in fact, cause and exacerbate community spread. We know that the higher the community case rate, the higher the school case rate. We know that the percent of students attending in-person classes directly impacts the case rate in schools. We know that schools without mask mandates have case rates twice as high as those with mask mandates, on average.

We know a lot that would have been unscientific speculation without the data we’ve been able to collect and analyze. And that’s thanks to everyone who supported our project.

As we look toward a new administration taking over in January, we hope our services will only be needed for a little while longer. Until then, we’re committed to continue supporting research and tracking COVID-19 cases in schools.

Thank you to our amazing volunteers (in no specified order):

Martin G

Claire M.

Ruth W.

Jesse F

Jennifer P.

Anna G

Ileana A

Connie H.

Stephen D.

Lynn A.

Jane and Jacob W.

Enrico B.

Ahana S.

Rebeca L.

Erik L.

Esha S.

James G.

Anthony S.

Kishan P.

Bryce C.

Kevin D.

Josh B.

Dylan F.

Enrico B.

James G.

Corina N.

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